#63 Part 1: Introducing The Adobe Video Solution Partner Program

The Workflow Show and CHESA are proud to announce that we have achieved Adobe Video Solution Partner Program. This week’s episode is Part 1 of a 2 part discussion with guests, Dave Helmly, Head of Strategic Development, Adobe Professional Video, and Michael Gamboeck, Senior Strategic Development Manager, Creative Cloud Video regarding Adobe’s program. Here we discuss the introduction of this program and its impact on the industry. 

As a way for integrators and clients to be further connected with the Adobe Engineering team, the Adobe Video Solution Partner Program seeks to close the gap between users and engineers, enabling collaboration that best serves the creative process.

Episode Highlights:

  • Ben and Jason discuss the usefulness of working at a deep level with Adobe’s team to best understand the software and implementation
  • Dave and Michael discuss the criteria for becoming an Adobe Video Solution Partner and the importance of choosing CHESA as the first US company to be part of the program
  • This discussion covers the importance of the program to help connect creative IT to creative users for coding integrations, Adobe panels, and new workflows.