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Excuse Me, MAM?

Back in the day, a media asset management (MAM) system was a discretionary add-on typically implemented as part of a finished asset repository or archive strategy. As the industry evolved, MAMs became much more reliable, intelligent, efficient, and affordable. In addition to the basic functionality of indexing, metadata tagging, and searching, they now do everything conceivable! These days, MAM has become an essential component for many facilities – touching every part of a project lifecycle from pre- and post-production to transcode, QC, distribution, remote proxy editing, and beyond.

Our Claim To Fame

CHESA has been in the MAM game for 15 years, amassing a plethora of knowledge on the many platforms currently available. From battle-tested systems that have been around for a decade to newer disruptive SaaS platforms taking the market by storm, we are constantly re-evaluating our portfolio of MAM offerings to ensure we can deliver the right platform, automations, orchestrations and workflows to meet your requirements and budget.


“CHESA designed a solution to give everyone faster access to the data, to make content searches and retrieval quick and easy, and to reduce the amount of administration time. It’s a win on every count.”

- Jeff Wolfe

NASA Contractor for NASA Imaging Services
Communications System Engineer
Abacus Technology

Workflow Engineers

At CHESA we call them workflow engineers. They are an in-house team of specialists with decades of combined experience who eat/sleep/breath workflows, scripting, automations, machine learning and – lately – cloud, containers and microservices. Our reputation was built on these individuals’ dedication to R&D, deployment, training, and support of our many clients’ MAM systems. 

Discovery On Demand

Oftentimes organizations grow organically, finding themselves with a hodgepodge of systems and technologies where they don’t even know what all they have. Workflows often consist of a series of undocumented manual and inefficient tasks. Enter the CHESA discovery. For a new client seeking the best path forward for a simple upgrade or a complete ecosystem overhaul, the CHESA Solutions Architect team engages in a workflow and infrastructure discovery to become intimately familiar with the existing environment. This discovery consists of key stakeholder interviews, systems and workflow discovery, documentation, analysis, solution architecting sessions, and the delivery and review of a formal report with recommendations and proposals

Ready for Media Asset Management in the Cloud?

Introducing CHESA Cloud Services: The One Stop Service for Cloud Infrastructure

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