Let Your Content Do the Work.

Preserve and Monetize

Your archive is the most important warehouse for your assets. As video capture happens on cards that are constantly reused, the creation of a useful library for your digital assets is paramount. Preservation ensures your assets are available in a usable
state in the future

What Makes a Good Archive?

More than anything, archiving is a process – not a one-time item you check off your to-do list, but rather something ongoing and iterative that changes over time. Not enriching and repurposing that archive, using your creations to their fullest potential, is a real dilemma. No media lasts forever, which means your organization should take the steps to preserve your content in multiple formats across multiple locations. You need to ensure your content is secure in the event of a variety of scenarios.

CHESA was a wealth of information right from that first call. We discussed all of our needs, talked about all the solutions I had been researching and diagnosed all of the challenges we had been having.”

- Jermaine Harrell

Manager of Media Infrastructure and Technology
Complex Networks

Qualities of a Good Archive

Keeps the primary copy of your data secure (not vulnerable to
hard drive or RAID failure, or local catastrophes). Preserves the
data in a format you can access and use whenever you need it.
Is scalable and “future-proof” so you can continue to read data
even as media and technologies evolve. Is organized and managed consistent with protocols best suited to your workflow. Is utilized to its full potential, easily repurposed for licensing, social media, and distribution in new channels with different requirements.

Digital Preservation

Proper preservation provides peace of mind. Preserving your content in its original format – ensuring easy access to your growing library of material and that it continues to be usable – is essential. Everything from metadata to the integrity of content to the software you use to archive your content will play a role.

Ready for Archive in the Cloud?

Introducing CHESA Cloud Services: The One Stop Service for Cloud Infrastructure

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