Announcing Acorn Cloud

A SaaS-based media workflow and management platform for creative team collaboration

"Creators are trying to create as fast as they think. Keyboard shortcuts played like a piano and keystrokes keeping up with their brains mean tech is out of their way. A workflow with drag and drop features helps creatives stay in the zen zone. CHESA has done that with Acorn Cloud"


Enabling Creative Teams. Driving IT Efficiencies. Steadfast Customer Support.

We are a nationwide media technology systems integrator covering all facets of the media life cycle.

CHESA Named an Adobe Video Solution Partner
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Technology Design, Installation & Support

From capture through delivery, CHESA designs, builds, integrates, and supports media workflow solutions with industry-leading technologies to create highly-efficient systems that achieve our clients’ business objectives.

Media Asset Management

MAM has become an essential component for many facilities – touching every part of a project lifecycle from pre- and post-production to transcode, QC, distribution, remote proxy editing, and beyond.

Acquire & INGEST

Myriad factors come into play when designing an ingest workflow – such as live elements, Web conference sources, capture devices, transcoding, QC analysis, media orchestration, and active archive.


Storage has come a long way from the days of a simple, on-prem repository for your media. Still factors are bandwidth, scalability, features and remote capabilities.


From video editing, visual effects, animation and motion graphics to photography, audio editing, color-grading, and finishing, we have your app bases covered.


Whether it’s the creation of mezzanine files for editorial, crunching down rough cuts for review and approve, or QC of final deliverables – transcode is there, keeping your team moving forward.


More than anything, archiving is a process – not a one-time item you check off your to-do list. Not enriching and repurposing that archive, using your creations to their fullest potential, is a real dilemma.

The Workflow Show Podcast

Don’t miss our latest episode of The Workflow Show, CHESA’s bi-monthly podcast with interviews of industry experts, visionaries, and innovators on all things media technology.

The Workflow Show is also available on Spotify, Stitcher, iTunes, Amazon, YouTube and Castos.

#70 Accessibility in Digital Media and Digital Content Development with Joe Devon, CEO of Diamond and Co-Founder of Global Accessibility Awareness Day

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#69 Accessing Massive Video Storage Systems in the Cloud with George Dochev, Co-Founder and CTO at LucidLink

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#68 API First Live Video and Media Ingest with Cinedeck

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We Listen, Reflect, Recommend

CHESA clients want a partner who helps them achieve success by listening to objectives, and carefully reflecting in the design, development and deployment of a robust, modern system for their organization. Studios, broadcasters, creative agencies, professional sports entities, post production houses, major media outlets, global brands, eSports outfits, federal agencies, museums and universities all have a similar goal: preparing for future demands and accomplishing their goals. We take time to talk each of our clients through solutions we propose and assessing the merits of different approaches.

Consulting Discovery Design

Consultation is at the heart of what we do at CHESA. We provide clients with detailed, nuanced, and real world-driven advice as we identify the best overall and most cost-effective approach for their organization. CHESA then creates an overall system design, based on our consulting.

Systems Integration

The specialized ecosystems required to support media workflows is why a Systems Integrator is a valued partner. CHESA not only understands the intricacies of media, but is also aligned with best of breed technology partners to deploy and support reference architectures to meet these unique demands.

CHESA Cloud Services

With the work-from-home reality, clients face a growing need to access media in new scenarios ranging from standalone hard drives, remote desktop, to Cloud. CHESA’s Cloud Services approach provides options from Hybrid Cloud, to 100% Public Cloud as well as CHESA’s own private Cloud hosted services.

Service Level Agreements

CHESA’s SLAs go beyond the “help desk” by providing the maintenance and support that are crucial to taking full advantage of your technology investments, powering your success by increasing the capacity of your team without expanding your headcount.                                 


A dose of Workflow Therapy, our blogs delve into industry trends and news of note.


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(CHESA) were a wealth of information right from that first call. We discussed all of our needs, talked about all the solutions I had been researching and diagnosed all of the challenges we had been having.”

- Jermaine Harrell

Manager of Media Infrastructure and Technology
Complex Networks

Complex Networks

(CHESA) were a wealth of information right from that first call. We discussed all of our needs, talked about all the solutions I had been researching and diagnosed all of the challenges we had been having.”

- Jermaine Harrell

Manager of Media Infrastructure and Technology

Complex Networks


CHESA designed a solution to give everyone faster access to the data, to make content searches and retrieval quick and easy, and to reduce the amount of administration time. It’s a win on every count.”

- Jeff Wolfe

NASA Contractor for NASA Imaging Services
Communications System Engineer
Abacus Technology

Cortina Productions

We ingested 3-days of underwater shoots that generated 4TB of RED (REDCODE®) raw footage at 8K. We ingested it as fast as the hard drives could handle, and transcoded the footage so the producers could screen and review it, which took just a few hours. If we didn’t have CHESA’s solution, it would have taken perhaps a week; it was nice to be able to turn it around so quickly!”

- Nick Spiropoulos

Senior Editor
Cortina Productions


I have incredible peace of mind knowing that we have an extremely reliable system in place and, if there are any issues, CHESA will take care of them.”

- Jack Duncan

System Administrator
Root Inc.

US Figure Skating

We need somebody on the forefront that understands our needs and looks out for us. CHESA knows all the players and knows the right direction to take. And that’s key to our time management. We don’t have time to run around trying to figure things out.”

- Kevin Leonardo

Director of Event & Video Production
U.S. Figure Skating


My first initiative was getting a good shared storage solution and MAM platform into the workflow. I realized migrating to this workflow wasn’t a one person job, so I called CHESA.”

- Ben Meadors

Manager of Post Production
Spotify Studios


CHESA makes sure we get what we need. No more, no less.”

- Jeff Plum

Consultant, National Institute of Health (NIH)
Vice President
MedData Research Inc


CHESA has made our lives a lot better. Every sport has different needs and budgets, but that doesn’t matter to CHESA. They bring us solutions that meet our needs, and their support is of the highest levels.”

- Sean Rainey

Manager Of Video Production
Philadelphia Phillies

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