We Handle the Complex

Listen. Reflect. Recommend.

At CHESA, we achieve success for our clients by enabling agility, innovation, and efficient spending
through the design, development, and deployment of robust, modern systems. We listen to our
clients, understand the challenges they face, and then propose the best solutions. We talk them
through the recommendations, educating them on the merits of different approaches.

How We Work

We get to know our clients. We listen to their specific challenges. We take the time to
understand what the future looks like and where they wish to grow. Advising them on the
best way to move forward is at the core of our identity.


At CHESA, our goal with our deep-level consulting is to provide clients with the best overall and cost-effective approach to ensure they have the right technology infrastructure and workflow solutions in place based on how they work, how they collaborate, and how they store
content. Our formal evaluation saves our clients from inefficient spending.


CHESA will embed with your
organization, spending time with different users and observing them at work. We’ll develop a document detailing your current system, including technical requirements and identified bottlenecks, along with our recommendations for moving forward.


CHESA designs client solutions based on our consulting and discovery. Whether dealing with new or existing systems, we furnish our clients with a workable integration plan that will achieve the agreed-upon objectives.

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(CHESA) were a wealth of information right from that first call. We discussed all of our needs, talked about all the solutions I had been researching and diagnosed all of the challenges we had been having.”

- Jermaine Harrell

Manager of Media Infrastructure and Technology
Complex Networks

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