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The Client
Altitude Sports Located in Denver, Colorado, the Kroenke Sports & Entertainment (KSE) network owns multiple sports franchises including:
It also hosts several regional collegiate and high school sports events and in November 2017, set up Los Angeles Gladiators – an Overwatch League esports team that competes in the OWL. The production facility for the network – KSE Network Operations Center (KNOC) – creates and distributes content for Altitude Sports & Entertainment, a network of channels that broadcasts live and studio-based programming of the Colorado-based KSE-owned entities. As well as delivering content to air for Altitude, KNOC creates and delivers media to the Broadcast Services Group at the Ball Arena in downtown Denver, home of the Nuggets, Avalanche, and Mammoth. Programming is used as in-venue entertainment for the franchises’ games as well as for multiple music and entertainment events.
The Situation
As the need for more, higher-quality media has grown across the KSE organization, production teams at KNOC needed a way to more easily access and manage its huge range of media assets and archived footage. In any sports environment, speed is the most important factor so the crew needs to be able to log content as it’s ingested, attach metadata so it can be easily found later, and store the content in a way that can be accessed again – quickly. Once ingested and stored correctly, multiple editors need to work on content, without delay.
We needed to be able to deploy a media asset management and storage infrastructure that enhanced and integrated smoothly into the workflows at all of our production houses. At the end of the day, if you can’t find the content, you don’t own it.

-David Zur

SVP of Operations and Engineering, KSE Media ventures

How CHESA Helped Them
CHESA worked with KSE to configure and install an IPV Curator MAM system to manage the sports network’s assets at KNOC. Curator is used to manage media throughout the center’s post-production processes and plays a key part in the continued strategic development of the network’s media properties. Using Curator ensures that all of KSE’s assets are consistently ingested, and correctly stored and tagged with metadata. Curator also gives KSE the flexibility to work with proxies, avoiding having to move and edit with large, cumbersome high-resolution files. Once complete, the high-resolution files are brought back online for export and delivery. This use of low-resolution proxies speeds up the overall production processes for the network. The new workflow at KNOC is layered on a storage platform comprised of multiple Quantum storage components, including Xcellis workflow directors, the StorNext data management platform and QXS RAID storage. Initially, a small group of 15 users operated Curator to manage assets for the edit of long-form and promotional content. In the latest phase, the infrastructure was made available to 30 users across the KSE business unit located inside the KNOC.
  Benefits for KSE:
  • Uniform approach – IPV Curator Media Asset Management gives the KNOC facility a level of consistency in its content management, creating more efficient post- production processes
  • Proxy-based workflows – A proxy workflow allows KSE to easily manage large files while reducing expensive storage resources to just 2% of their HD source files
  • Phased roll-out – KSE is able to operate its Curator system in line with current needs and easily expand as required
  • Integration – Installed by CHESA, IPV’s Curator system is tightly integrated with KSE’s storage infrastructure from Quantum
  • Support – CHESA Service Level Agreement (SLA) provides KSE operations with a single point of contact to support their entire MAM and storage infrastructure.
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