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Whether you’re a film production house, major league sports franchise, or a local news network, you’re generating a lot of content. The experts at CHESA are masters at architecting and deploying systems that incorporate all aspects of modern acquisition and ingest workflows.


Myriad factors come into play when designing an ingest workflow – such as live elements, SDI or IP, 8K, capture devices, transcoding, QC analysis, Web conference sources, media orchestration, and active archive, among others. We know ingest is no longer a simple ‘point A to point B’ journey. Let our workflow architects and engineers analyze your ingest needs and deploy a solution that covers all the logistics.

We ingested 3-days of underwater shoots that generated 4TB of RED (REDCODE®) raw footage at 8K. We ingested it as fast as the hard drives could handle, and transcoded the footage so the producers could screen and review it, which took just a few hours. If we didn’t have CHESA’s solution, it would have taken perhaps a week; it was nice to be able to turn it around so quickly!”

- Nick Spiropoulos

Senior Editor
Cortina Productions

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