We Engineer Systems that Safeguard Your Data.

It All Starts With Storage

Bulletproof storage is the heart of a successful operation, so it needs to be chosen wisely! CHESA works with a thoughtfully curated portfolio of storage and network vendors, as well as offering cloud services that cater to every conceivable infrastructure need. We take into account all the options – including interfaces, bandwidth requirements, scalability, filesystem features, and remote capabilities.

Storage 2.0

Storage has come a long way from the days of a simple, on-prem repository for your media. Now more than ever, facilities are turning to object-based cloud storage and incorporating data analytics to manage unstructured data, perform archiving, and satisfy disaster recovery requirements. CHESA can help you evaluate and build a comprehensive data orchestration strategy to move your data to the next level, cloud, or continent.


I have incredible peace of mind knowing that we have an extremely reliable system in place and, if there are any issues, CHESA will take care of them.”

- Jack Duncan

System Administrator
Root Inc.

We Speak CFO

Building out a proper infrastructure can be one of the costlier parts of designing a facility, with budget often turning out to be the driving requirement. While our solutions and sales teams are great at architecting highly-competitive proposals, we also know how to explain it to the people crunching the numbers. Let CHESA arm you with the proper business case when you walk into that meeting, or – better yet – invite us along. We’ll be sure to wear a nice tie. 

Ready for Storage Operations in the Cloud?

Introducing CHESA Cloud Services: The One Stop Service for Cloud Infrastructure

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