PRESS RELEASE: The Workflow Show #303

December 24th, 2014

The Workflow Show #303
“NAS vs. SAN Made Clear”

Nick Gold and Jason Whetstone

For media production clients today, managing their digital assets well is imperative. As Nick Gold, co-host for the popular audio podcast series, The Workflow Show, says, “The staff and the data are the two most important assets for a media production business. You might be able to replace a few of the key the people and remain ok, but replacing lost data is not possible. Once it’s gone, it’s gone.”

In their work as an IT-centric media systems integrator, Chesapeake Systems typically presents clients with storage options that involve either a NAS (network attached storage) or SAN (storage area network) solution. Are the differences between the two all that important for clients to understand?

The answer is yes. When clients are cognizant of the differences, they actually are doing themselves a big favor, because it can help the design team to home in on offering the most effective system, one that is at the ideal cross-point of budget and performance.

The reversed acronyms of NAS and SAN can give a false sense of clear-cut distinction between the two. While it would be correct to say that the differences in general lie between the way data is accessed, the factors in deciding which solution is best for a particular environment are many indeed. And it’s certainly not all black and white. For example, Chesapeake serves video clients that have separate NAS and SAN storage arrangements within their facilities. And sometimes, incorporating a NAS as a component of a larger SAN is advisable as well.

Sound a bit confusing? You’re not alone. You could of course comb the web for articles about the differences between NAS and SAN storage solutions, but you will likely not find a more thorough yet clearly-presented explanation than in this 90-minute discussion between co-hosts Nick Gold and Jason Whetstone.

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The Workflow Show is a production of Chesapeake Systems, whose slogan is “Creative IT for the Creative Professional.” The co-hosts, members of Chesapeake’s Professional Video Solutions team, are Nick Gold, Chief Revenue Officer and Jason Whetstone, Solutions Architect.

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