Adobe CS6 phasing out – CC for Teams is the future

March 21st, 2014

Beginning June 1, 2014, Adobe will no longer sell Creative Suite 6 via the Cumulative Licensing Program (CLP) or Transactional Licensing Program (TLP). This change will be applicable across commercial and government segments; there is no change for education customers. CS6 products will remain available for individual purchase via electronic download on Adobe Acrobat and other Adobe products sold via CLP and TLP will remain available.

Some background: In the spring of 2012, Adobe launched Creative Cloud—membership to Adobe’s full range of creative applications—with the belief that it would benefit customers by giving them access to ools and services as they’re updated. Adobe also announced that CS6 was the last perpetual software release. Since then, they have delivered over 500 new features exclusively to Creative Cloud members. The momentum toward Creative Cloud has been exceptional, with over 1.4 million paid Creative Cloud members worldwide today.
If you haven’t already, transitioning to Creative Cloud for Teams now makes more sense than ever.
Creative Cloud for teams brings together the very latest Creative Cloud desktop apps, updates, and upgrades the moment they are released—and all of the services and business features your team needs to create their best work and collaborate with their peers. The complete plan includes all CC apps and services. You’ll receive access to the same easy-to-use web-based admin console that allows the administrator to centrally purchase, deploy, and manage all seats across your organization.

Yes, and now, there is even more incentive to make the transition:

Existing commercial and government CS (version 3 and later) customers who purchase Creative Cloud for Teams COMPLETE before June 1, 2014, for $39.99 per month per seat ($480 per year) will be guaranteed that same price at renewal. THAT’S A 40% SAVINGS FOR UP TO TWO YEARS!
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