#55 Creative Journeys: Surprise! You Work in IT Now

Feeling the Pain of Being Out of Your Technical Depth? Don’t Suffer in Silence – CHESA’s got a Workflow Therapy couch ready for you. Take heart from your CHESA friends’ struggles with “Imposter Syndrome”- and tactics to overcome it! – throughout their careers. CHESA Business Development rep Louise Shideler returns to chat with hosts, Ben Kilburg and Jason Whetstone, about their journeys from the creative realm into the technical domain of Media IT. They share similarities along their paths and suggest characteristics, attitudes, and habits that anyone working in Media and Entertainment technologies can apply.

  • How do skills from traditional “creative” fields transfer to Media IT roles?
  • The importance of critical problem-solving and analytical skills, as well as one’s mindset, for successfully managing such a career
  • How to find your mentors in the industry: communities that support continuing education, such as professional organizations and online forums & blogs
  • Why and how “Imposter Syndrome” affects those in this field — and even the customers who seek workflow consultation