Watch SMPTE DC’s, Adobe, and CHESA Live Production Workflow, Camera to Cloud with Live Audience Participation

February 15th, 2022

Watch the SMPTE DC February meeting with, Adobe, and CHESA with an Audience Interactive, Live Production Workflow, Camera to Cloud last February 3rd

Live Audience Participation: Michael Cioni of shot and distributed dailies to the live audience who received, commented, imported, edited and tested files as we shot them. This was a VERY interactive event.

Live Demo:, and Adobe Creative Cloud conducted a live demo using Watch as picture and sound files were automatically uploaded from set to and Premiere Pro for real-time collaborative feedback from editorial. See Michael Cioni show an actual Camera to Cloud workflow and answer skeptics as well as workflow experts’ questions.

Panel Discussion: SMPTE – DC‘s Maciej Ochman lead a panel discussion to answer audience questions live and discussed an incredible “from Court to Cloud” workflow. Hear how the Golden State Warriors gameplay, shot courtside, is immediately reviewed in for quick turnarounds to web and social media and get tips for how to apply C2C to any live event clip distribution.

Opening and Closing Remarks: 
Maciej Ochman, SMPTE Section Chair, Washington DC

Jonathan Solomon, Partner Solutions Architect, Media & Entertainment at Amazon Web Services


Want to see the slide-Deck of the presentation? View it here:
SMPTE C2C PRESO with, Adobe, and CHESA