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AWS SaaS Factory Announces Support for CHESA’s Acorn Cloud

AWS SaaS Factory Announces Support for CHESA’s Acorn Cloud

Below is an excerpt from the AWS’ interview with CHESA’s Lance Hukill, CCO and Jason Paquin, CEO. Click here to read the entire interview.

By Oded Rosenmann, Global Practice Lead, SaaS Partners – AWS
By Anubhav Sharma, Sr. Partner Solutions Architect – AWS

Systems integrator CHESA supports media supply chain environments to help media companies build and manage operations in the cloud.

Dozens of years of consulting experience with creative teams and video editors helped CHESA identify a need for media asset management (MAM) collaboration tools for remote creative teams. Many of these teams have very limited media IT support.

As a result CHESA recently launched its MAM platform, Acorn Cloud – a cloud-based media workflow and management platform for creative teams to collaborate. Editors now have the ability to ingest, search, find, enrich, and retain their assets within a remote work-in-progress full stack solution.

With support from AWS SaaS Factory, CHESA built and launched the Acorn Cloud SaaS solution on Amazon Web Services (AWS). This allows small to mid-size creative teams to create, edit, and deliver video content with a lowered barrier to entry and as a fully managed service.

Read the entire interview here

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