Quantum announces StorNext Pro Foundation

December 18th, 2014

At NAB 2014, Quantum Sr. VP Geoff Stedman announced the company’s thrust into offering “”bundled” StorNext solutions that would address particular M&E needs situations. The goal was to make it easier for those selling Quantum products and their clients to incorporate the perfectly-honed solution for a particular use case.

The encompassing umbrella program was called StorNext Pro Solutions.

In November, at CCW 2014 in New York City, Quantum announced its latest offering in the program, StorNext Pro Foundation, which is geared for smaller production companies and post houses. At the show, we caught up with Skip Levens, Quantum’s Director of Technical Marketing, to learn more about the details of this latest release. Skip starts his answer with a brief overview of the genesis of StorNext Pro Solutions and how StorNext 5 is really the engine that makes all these solutions possible.


And here is a repeat of Geoff Stedman’s video clip from NAB 2014 where StorNext Pro Solutions was unveiled.

The potential for extensive and reliable collaboration between media personnel made possible by the StorNext file system is second to none. And no IT-centric media systems integrator knows more about StorNext and how to incorporate it to best advantage within your video environment than Chesapeake Systems. Contact ProSales@chesa.com or 410.752.7729 to connect with one of our solutions consultants to learn more.

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