PRESS RELEASE: The Workflow Show Begins 3rd Season

October 3rd, 2014


The Workflow Show Starts Season Three by Presenting a Conversation with Quantum’s Alex Grossman and Skip Levens

The Workflow Show, with co-hosts Nick Gold and Jason Whetstone, enters its third season by presenting an in-depth conversation with two digital media storage veterans, Alex Grossman and Skip Levens of Quantum. Alex is the VP of Media and Entertainment and Skip is the Director of Technical Marketing at the company.

It doesn’t take long to listen to Alex and Skip before one senses their passion for what they do. Since their time together at Apple, then Active Storage, and now Quantum, they have been driven by the desire to make digital storage more flexible and easier to manage.

Their work over the years has concentrated in the Media & Entertainment space.  “There really is a different type of system needed,” says Alex, “and a different type of performance specification required to be good at Media and Entertainment.” He goes on to explain that since video post-production tends to deal more with large files rather than short exchanges of data, the criteria of “throughput” and “latency” are more important than IOPS.

StorNext, Quantum’s seemingly omnipresent shared disk file system, has been adopted widely throughout the media industry because it is well-adapted to handle the field’s unique storage and collaboration needs. “Letting people work on the same problem on the same storage at the same time is one of the hardest computing problems there is,” says Skip, “and StorNext does it, and has done it eloquently for a long time.”

In the podcast, Alex and Skip talk at length about how the latest version, StorNext 5, is a result of a complete overhaul of the file system from the ground up, all with the goal of meeting the rapid, disparate challenges that occur within the media production universe. As Skip says, “It seems today that the pace of change and the demands placed on content creatives has gone up exponentially. For example, some of our customers have to now make their content available on as many as 40 different distribution platforms.”

Alex adds when summarizing the advantages of StorNext 5, “It all comes down to the connectivity to the eco-system — all those partners that build those applications we use everyday. In the end, to the user, the storage is always there and always reliable.”

Other topics discussed in the episode include Storage Manager, which works with StorNext to enable tiered archiving, and the just-announced Storage Connect, which will allow for a “single window pane” view of one’s total storage environment.

The conversation also covers Lattus, Quantum’s revolutionary object-based storage offering that as Alex says, “automagically” extends the online availability of assets between facilities anywhere in the world while at the same time being more secure and reliable than other storage and archive systems.

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The Workflow Show is a production of Chesapeake Systems, whose slogan is “Creative IT for the Creative Professional.” The co-hosts, members of Chesapeake’s Professional Video Solutions team, are Nick Gold, Director of Business Development and Jason Whetstone, Solutions Architect.

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