PRESS RELEASE: The Workflow Show #302

November 20th, 2014


The Workflow Show #302
“Talking Media Collaboration and MAM with Kai Pradel of MediaSilo”

In this episode of the audio podcast series, The Workflow Show, co-hosts Nick Gold and Jason Whetstone converse with Kai Pradel, Founder and CEO of Boston-based MediaSilo.

Kai has always been excited about the intersection of IT and media, and in 2009, as the notion of software as a service (SaaS) in the cloud was in its infancy, he started the company.

“MediaSilo is a cloud-based media asset management and collaboration solution,” says Pradel. He goes on to explain that the cloud-based feature of the application has allowed for quick implementation of new features. MediaSilo is also well known as having a flexible and open API (application programming interface) that allows other developers of other applications to easily integrate with MediaSilo. The end result is that the list of professional video environments where MediaSilo is deployed is very diverse indeed.

With that said, still, the most typical use of MediaSilo is for review and approval. Professional video teams are often shooting a great deal of footage for several multi-episode series at the same time. Once the footage is back at the office, imagine several producers who are traveling wanting to review the shot footage and make comments. And then once a rough cut has been completed, imagine client reps wanting to review those as well. Sure, it is conceivable that this could all be done via posting on Dropbox, YouTube or Vimeo, but it doesn’t take long to realize that using one of those solutions would quickly turn into a cumbersome workflow, with communication between team members awkward at best. As Kai says, “What sets MediaSilo apart is that it is a collection of tools that’s geared for how video professionals work, from footage coming off the camera, to logging and editing, and then to review and approval.”

The ability to add metadata tags to the footage in MediaSilo facilitates search capabilities as well. As Kai explains, “Once a production company uses MediaSilo as a review and collaboration tool, they start to realize, as their library grows, that the application can be a path to Media Asset Management and thereby make their media more accessible to more stakeholders.”

One sign of the company’s success is that in the first year of operation, MediaSilo was processing about 1,000 hours of footage per month. Today, that figure is over 30,000.

So what’s next? Several things:

  • granting project-level permissions on a more granular level
  • project sharing with other account owners
  • improvement of the encoding “farm” so as to generate more information about files
  • and the continued roll out of the just released desktop application

You can download a free fully-functional trial of MediaSilo and

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