PRESS RELEASE: Chesa Senior Managers Promoted

December 18th, 2014



Chesapeake Systems Promotes Two Senior Managers

Current Chesapeake Systems senior management team members, Nick Gold and Jason Paquin, have been promoted to new positions with additional responsibilities in guiding the Professional Video Solutions division of the company.

Gold, a 10-year veteran with the company and formerly Director of Business Development, is now Chief Revenue Officer. Paquin, who has been with Chesapeake for 9 years, was formerly Director of Professional Services. He is now Chief Technology Officer for the company.

Baltimore-based Chesapeake Systems, Inc. is an IT-centric media systems integrator working with a wide range of clients, from independent production companies to some of the largest media companies in the world.

“We’ve experienced tremendous growth over the past two years,” says Mark Dent, CEO and Owner of Chesapeake Systems. “Our success can be attributed in large part to Nick and Jason’s expertise with complex technical matters, along with their superb management and customer interaction skills. Their promotions clearly reflect the overarching leadership role each has within the company.”

The media industry has undergone unprecedented change over the past decade, evidenced by the move to HD and Ultra HD, and now to totally digital workflows.
The result is that video producers are finding themselves awash with digital data, and they require new and innovative ways to manage and search their immense and constantly-growing media libraries.

The combination of IT and media production expertise that Chesapeake Systems brings to the table places the company among an elite group of solution providers that can address these new “pain points” of video production teams.

CEO Dent added, “These promotions of Nick and Jason also set the stage from an organizational standpoint to enable us to expand into new markets.”

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