Adobe Announces How Adobe Video Solution Partners Support the Future of Video Production

August 30th, 2021

Today Michael Gamboeck, Senior Strategic Development Manager, Creative Cloud Video at Adobe announced they are supporting more customers with the Adobe Video Solution Partner Program. He stated, “No two video production environments are exactly the same. The Adobe Video Solution Partner Program is an important way to help Adobe customers get the support that they need for their specific ecosystem. The program is designed to train system integrators in support, workflow and system design, and software integrations. System integrators who demonstrate expertise in all three areas can become Adobe Video Solution Partners — experts ready to tackle any company’s video needs.”

As a partner, CHESA has the ability to support all facets of the industry. Michael says, “From TV broadcasters to media agencies to Hollywood Studios, more companies are turning to cloud-based video production as a way to boost collaboration, accelerate production, and focus more resources on being creative instead of managing IT. The recent pandemic and push for remote work has only accelerated the demand for cloud-base services.

For many media companies, Adobe Premiere ProAdobe After Effects, and other Adobe Creative Cloud apps provide the features and functionality that companies need to create any type of video, from feature-length films to social media clips. But Adobe Creative Cloud is only one piece of the cloud environment. Companies need storage, asset management, networking, transcoding, and other hardware and software solutions working together in harmony to accomplish their unique media goals.”

He said further about partners in the program “Our partners in the program see the cloud as the next frontier of video editing. Their cloud offerings are built to help customers boost flexibility and productivity with video editing and production from anywhere.”

With Adobe’s announced plans to acquire for $1.275 billion, and a new program with highly specialized partners for video editors and creative IT, it appears Adobe is keeping its foot firmly to the pedal.

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