Media Workflow Automation in Adobe

By Andy Shepherd, VP Engineering

A workflow is a sequence of tasks or steps that take a video project from inception to completion. There are workflows for every stage of the project, from ingest to distribution, and for every type of activity, including editorial work and review and approvals. Every project has workflows, whether they are documented or not. Media workflow automation is an effective strategy to enhance productivity, improve quality, and ensure consistency.

Adobe’s video applications are designed for workflow automation. Adobe Premier Pro has built-in workflow orchestration, but it is also designed to integrate with other apps and workflow orchestration tools. Helmut by MoovIt Software Products (MSP is an incredibly powerful orchestration tool). MSP is a German-based product developer and an Adobe Video Solution Partner.

We’ve been impressed with the power of Helmut right from the beginning. Helmut’s Streamdesigner is a powerful and flexible low-code workflow builder that allows creatives to design workflows that are tailored to their exact needs. In October 2021, we invited David Merzenich of MSP, one of the creators of Helmut, to CHESA’s workflow show. Our conversation with David is worth checking out if you would like to explore more about the power of Helmut.


Striving for Consistency and Flexibility in Post-Production

Sometimes, editorial teams are racing towards completion without stepping back first and taking a hard look at workflows. Ensuring consistency can be challenging, with so many players having a role in video production and post-production. Well-defined workflows provide a framework for editorial work that ensures consistency.

When automating workflows, you should explore automating repeatable tasks, especially if they are labor-intensive. This automation will have a measurable impact on streamlining your project. For example, ingest and tagging are labor-intensive processes that lend well to automation.

Another area to look at is multistep processes with significant variability. By streamlining and standardizing multistep processes, you can ensure that all team members use the most efficient approach. When the whole team uses the same process, coordination and collaboration can be enhanced, and handoffs are more predictable and easy to schedule.

Automated workflows can expedite the review and approval process, ensuring that feedback and approvals are provided promptly at each critical point and that work does not proceed until review and approval have been completed. This optimization can prevent costly reworks when unapproved assets are used in a project.

Sometimes, there’s a worry that consistency will be adverse to creativity. The opposite can be true. When workflows tackle the pieces that need to be consistent in an efficient manner, they carve out time for the creative aspects of the project.

There are many places where consistency is essential in a video project. Brand consistency is one example. Workflows, branding, and templates can ensure that all branding guidelines are in place.

When designing workflows, the importance of flexibility should not be overlooked. When workflows are too rigid, you force creators into a one-size-fits-all approach, which can backfire. Systems Integrators and workflow engineers should consider the creatives’ needs, skills, styles, expertise, and preferred ways of working. When editors are empowered to adjust workflows to match their creative style and needs, they can gain the efficiency and consistency they seek while still having workflow solutions that enhance creativity.

Consistency and automation are keys to production efficiency, yet flexibility is often essential for creativity. Striking a balance requires a deep understanding of the creative process, the tools, and the systems. Integration and workflow development within Adobe Premiere Pro keeps editors focused on editing. Helmut by MSP further enhances the ability to create powerful, automated workflows that balance consistency and flexibility within the Adobe ecosystem.


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