Nick Gold Explains Virtual Reality’s Impact on Your MAM at SVG Digital Summit

Nov 11, 2016

Virtual Reality (VR) is hot. The technology has taken a huge leap in the past year, transforming the viewing experience in the sports industry and beyond.

Pro and college teams are adopting the technology, which affects everything from how players practice to how coaches train. Thanks to 360-degree cameras, fans of everything from NASCAR to horse racing can experience the sport in a very real, up-close-and-personal way. With this new technology will come changes to everything from how you ingest content to how you store and access it. Achieving the 360-degree perspective requires multiple lenses, multiple video streams and extensive bandwidth.

MAM industry expert Nick Gold, of Chesapeake Systems, will discuss the impact this can have on your organization and your asset management during his presentation at the Sports Video Group’s first-ever SVG Digital Summit Dec. 12 at the New York Hilton Midtown.

Gold will be moderating a dialogue on “360 Degrees of Metadata: VR’s Impact on Your MAM Operation” at his 2 p.m. panel.

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