Does My Organization Need a Workflow Analysis?

By Lance Hukill, Chief Commercial Officer

The journey from inspiration to a finished video is a complex one with many steps. When put together, these steps form your workflows, and your organization may benefit from a workflow analysis. Workflows can be direct and efficient or meandering with branches and loops. And the road changes as new tools and capabilities become available.

An organization’s workflow should continually evolve to take advantage of changing technology. Embracing continuous improvement is a hallmark of a high-performing organization. At times, workflows can develop through the work of existing staff. However, there are times when a workflow analysis is beneficial.

Here are some signs that your organization would benefit from a workflow analysis:

  • You want to implement new tools and software that will impact the workflow.
  • Your client base has shifted, and you are producing new types of video content.
  • You are implementing remote work or hybrid workflows, and your existing system was designed for on-Prem.
  • You have experienced growth, and your existing workflows are not maximized for the size of your team.
  • Your organization has hired an influx of new creators. Each member of the team brings new insights, experiences, and talents. A workflow analysis that includes observations and interviews with members of your creative team during the discovery phase can leverage these new creatives’ wisdom and identify improvement opportunities.
  • Inefficient workflows are having a significant impact on quality and productivity. When targets for timelines and quality are unmet, it can be a sign that your existing workflows are not as effective as they could be.

Benefits of Engaging with Workflow Engineers

An outside workflow engineer that provides deep consulting has a bird’s eye view of processes and operations that existing employees can’t replicate due to their role within the organization. These workflow engineers have experience with other production companies and can provide field-proven insights from their years working with a wide range of clients. They don’t just know your team’s tools and software; they have experience with other best-in-class tools and solutions.

When you engage with a solution architect to design workflows, you bring expertise with a high return on investment because workflow engineers are specialists in workflow design. You save time and money every time you produce a new video through efficient workflows.

But the engineer shouldn’t work in a vacuum and implement a cookie-cutter solution. Your team is vital in the discovery process because workflow design is about finding the best solution for your company and your creative team. Every company is different, and the process starts with identifying the goals and objectives you want to achieve with the design and implementation of new workflows. Are you seeking to address quality issues? Reduce production time? Improve access to media assets? Or work with clients in a new sector?

Once the goals have been established, workflow engineers work with teams to observe and identify ways to streamline processes and improve efficiency. Outside consultants offer objective insights not attached to the innovation-dampening perspective of “we’ve always done things this way.” Interviews with a wide range of users enable the workflow engineer to bring insights to the table from employees who may not typically feel comfortable sharing their viewpoints.

The deep consultation that a workflow analysis can do provides valuable information on your current workflows. All this information is documented in a comprehensive document that details the current system and workflows, any bottlenecks that have been identified, and recommendations.

Then the workflow engineer works on the design of your workflow solution. Your company will receive an integration plan that is designed to achieve the objectives.

But the benefits of a workflow analysis don’t end with implementation. An outside engineer can support your creative team post-implementation. And the improvements in efficiency from highly efficient workflows not only save time but create a working environment conducive to high creativity.

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It’s essential for creative applications to interact with network, storage, and media asset management systems in order to facilitate and streamline workflows. Oftentimes, editors experience the opposite effect when these systems are improperly architected and configured. CHESA can evaluate your current setup and make sure the right infrastructure is in place to meet your needs and deliver your product with quality, speed, and efficiency.

CHESA has a passion for the nuances of media workflow integration. We take a holistic approach in recommending solutions that bring real value and benefits to your organization, rather than selling technology for technology’s sake. Our team comes to the table with deep knowledge of the tools and vendors and is ready to address the demands and requirements of your environment and advance your business goals. Contact us today to find out if your organization would benefit from a workflow analysis.