What Drives Chesapeake Systems – A New Look Helps Tell the Story

By Nick Gold

To help showcase and celebrate our new focus, Chesapeake has launched a fresh logo and engaging website.

When you think about the person you were 10-15 years ago, you were probably quite different.

Maybe you moved, changed careers, shed a few pounds, launched a business or started a family. People change, grow and evolve over time.

The same can be said about Chesapeake Systems.

Our small, Baltimore-based company began 26 years ago as a shop that serviced Macintosh computers and we have reinvented ourselves as a national company that designs the infrastructure and intelligent workflow solutions that help major media outlets, musical performers, national figures and NFL teams work more efficiently.

Perhaps it sounds simple, but optimizing a workflow of collaboration between people, technology, media formats, editing and distribution is a complex process that requires a level of systems knowledge that we at Chesapeake Systems are among the select few that have the privilege of claiming.

“We’ve always been good at taking all the pieces and putting them together,” points our president, Mark Dent. “We take the best in class of all these different pieces and make them sing together.”

To help showcase and celebrate our new focus, Chesapeake is launching a fresh logo and engaging website to more accurately tell the story of who we are and what we do.

“It does it more creatively. It does it in a more contemporary way,” our chief technology officer, Jason Paquin, says. “And that’s what our client base expects, because that’s what we do for them. We creatively enable them to do their jobs by developing robust, modern systems and workflows.”

Simple with clean lines and an artistic pop of color, the logo reflects the rich media world that is central to our business. The sleek new site is packed with resources to educate customers about the edge Chesapeake Systems has when it comes to determining our clients’ needs, designing a system that can fulfill those needs and actually deploying the robust infrastructure and technology solutions our customers need to perform their jobs faster and more efficiently.

“Chesapeake Systems looks at what comes in and what needs to go out and how can we enhance, automate, rectify, improve workflow and help our clients become more efficient,” Paquin explains. “We want to design and implement a system that allows our clients to achieve their mission – that’s our goal.”

When it comes to the ever-changing world of software and technology, Chesapeake Systems is forward-thinking and strives to be ahead of the curve.

“Our world changes not by decades or years, it changes on a dime,” Dent says. “So not only are we constantly morphing into the next thing, but we’re taking a bigger step up the ladder each time, with more interesting solutions.”

To stay up-to-date with what’s happening at Chesapeake Systems, follow us at Chesa.com.