Nick Gold Headshot

Nick Gold
Chief Revenue Officer and Solutions Consultant

As CRO, Nick is responsible for business development and marketing activities at Chesapeake Systems. From working as a front-line support technician beginning in 2004 to leading business development, Nick has long been focused on pioneering asset management solutions that enable creative teams and drive efficiencies in IT.

Nick is an expert at working with companies that focus on the production of compelling media as their central activity. He often consults with clients to devise workflows that properly store and utilize video-centric data, both for short-term production activities and long-term archive. His passion in the field, coupled with his wide breadth of technical knowledge and business acumen, supports Chesapeake’s mission of being engaged and embedded partners with their clients.

Active in both the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE) and the Association of Moving Image Archivists (AMIA), Nick is in demand as a speaker on a range of topics such as media asset management, data storage for media production environments, media archive systems and preservation, workflow automation, AI technologies, Services-Oriented Architecture (SOA), Enterprise Services Bus (ESB), APIs, and the cloud.

Nick is a self-proclaimed media enthusiast who considers himself fortunate to be able to devote his career to working with the companies and creators of the media he consumes on a daily basis.