Nick Gold Headshot

Nick Gold
Chief Revenue Officer and Solutions Consultant

It was when he was 5 years old that Nick Gold first became passionate about computers. That enthusiasm built through high school and college, where he majored in communication and media studies at Goucher College and was active in the computer music studio program. Ultimately, a series of tech-focused jobs led him to his position at Chesapeake Systems, where he serves as Chief Revenue Officer and Solutions Consultant.

“I’ve been with Chesapeake Systems for 12 years, and I only grow more excited about what we’ll be involved with over the next few years, between virtual reality and 360-degree immersive video platforms that are now hitting the consumer market,” Gold said.

At Chesapeake Systems, though the team has a tremendous depth of technological experience, the main focus lies in consultation and helping customers develop an effective workflow. “Workflows are at the center of every system we design, from a basic video editing system, all the way up to an enterprise-level storage and automation platform,” Gold said. “We want to know what is the job our clients are trying to get done? How are they doing it today, and what useful enhancements can we recommend to make their job easier and more efficient?” When not promoting Chesapeake Systems’ workflow capabilities, Gold loves binge-watching shows online or going out with friends and dancing at a club or warehouse to techno music until the wee hours.

He counts himself among the lucky few who don’t have to differentiate between their “work life” and their “life life.”

“If I could go back in time and tell my college-aged self what I’d be doing a decade and a half into the 21st century, I’m sure I’d be pretty psyched,” Gold said.