Jessica Mantheiy Promoted to Director of Operations at CHESA

November 1st, 2021

Baltimore (October 1, 2021) – CHESA is pleased to announce we have promoted Jessica Mantheiy to Director of Operations.  In this role, Jessica contributes to CHESA’s internal operations and ensures CHESA’s internal systems provide value to our teams for the organization’s continued growth and planning on the leadership team, representing CHESA’s engineering arm of the company. Jason Paquin, CHESA’s CEO, announced, “In this elevated role our teams will work with Jessica on processes and procedure analysis, contribution to innovative ideas in streamlining our internal systems and workflows, and implementation of such workflows cross-functionally through the organization. I look forward to her continued support of our CHESA team.”

With CHESA’s continued growth, Jessica focuses on ensuring CHESA’s departments are working efficiently in order to meet defined objectives. In this role, she enables teams with workflow, procedures, audits, analysis, and efficiencies.  “We’re very pleased to have Jessica oversee Operations in this role,” says Lance Hukill, Chief Commercial Officer, “CHESA’s dedication to our Operations efficiencies shows our commitment to ensuring our clients benefit with timely delivery of services and solutions.”

Jessica states, “I’m excited to take on this new role to help our organization strive for more ways to streamline our processes, for our clients and ourselves. There is always an opportunity to try something different, whether that’s the way of approaching a solution or how one delivers an end product to a client, and that “something different” is what I want to figure out. As CHESA continues to grow, the ability to be able to adapt to change, new systems, and ensuring that what we’re doing, ultimately, will benefit a client’s experience with CHESA can only succeed if we can make it work for ourselves. I look forward to contributing to the organization in this new capacity to get CHESA to a new level of offerings for its clients.”

About Jessica:

As one of CHESA’s longest-tenured employees, Jessica leverages her institutional knowledge and relationships with staff, vendors, and clients to ensure a smooth operations process and experience that helps CHESA’s teams function seamlessly. She is often the first stop for both clients and staff looking for help. Based in Baltimore, Jessica joined CHESA as a Professional Services Coordinator in 2012, after building her skills in video production, production operations, and solutions architecture. She was promoted to Sales Operations Manager in 2014 and in 2020 was again promoted to Senior Operations Manager. Now, Director of Operations, Jessica is proud of CHESA’s growth in the time since she joined the team, and enjoys the collaborative climate both within the organization and in her work with clients.

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