Another reason to consider the Sapphire Maintenance Program

March 21st, 2014

Sapphire is a visual effects (VFX) plug-in used by leading film compositors, broadcast editors, and motion graphics artists. Users have access to a suite of over 250 visual effects and presets (browse the gallery).
The latest version is Sapphire 7, which came out last year. (check out our announcement about that)
GenArts, the makers of Sapphire, now offer the Sapphire Maintenance Program. This new option for purchasing Sapphire enables you to receive version upgrades, floating license upgrades, and unlimited render licenses, all at a lower per-license cost. All Maintenance licenses are permanent and continue to be functional once the Maintenance and Support contract expires. Learn more here.

And GenArts has just announced that this summer, they are adding cross platform licensing to the Sapphire Maintenance Program. The new feature will apply to DaVinci Resolve, After Effects, Premiere Pro, Nuke, and Avid. This means that a single Sapphire license can be used on any of these applications on the same machine.
Piqued your interest? Contact Merrel Davis 410-752-3406 for more information.

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