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#20 “Breaking Down the Options for the New Mac”

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The Workflow ShowThe powerful new Mac Pro is now available for sale, and it’s been quite awhile since we’ve been so excited about the release of a new Apple product.

Yet, as has been the trend with Apple computers over the recent past, there are fewer areas that you can “expand” down the road, so the choices you make at purchase become ever more critical. In this episode, Nick Gold and Merrel Davis “get granular” in sharing their insights as to what factors you should keep in mind when considering adding this revolutionary computer to your digital video workflow. Hint: it boils down to four areas: CPU, GPU, storage, and RAM.

The guys also discuss the release of Final Cut Pro X 10.1  While some folks are still holding a grudge regarding Apple’s abrupt pullback a couple of years ago from the professional video editing space, Nick and Merrel are starting to feel like many others in the field that perhaps time can heal the wounds. While FCP X, when first introduced, was considered a rather lame “next step” after FCP 7 — in essence “adding salt to the wound,” this latest version release of FCP X is going a long way in convincing many that Apple indeed is dedicated to being a player in the professional video editing realm. And when teamed with the new Mac Pro? Well, listen to the episode.

Episode length: 1:08:52

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Show Notes: (Items touched upon but not fully-fleshed out in the podcast)

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