If You Don’t Know … Now You Know

By Jason Paquin

Have you ever walked into a grocery store to pick up something to make for dinner and realized once you’re in there, “I don’t even know what I need to get?”

Clients in the market for asset management and production storage technology often feel the same way. They know they need something to solve their pain points and challenges, but as they see all the offerings before them, they don’t know exactly what they should get.

That’s why consultation is such a critical piece of the service Chesapeake Systems provides.

Our Chesapeake Systems’ experts can fully inform clients about product offerings (and the difference between MAM, PAM and DAM) and make recommendations on how to move forward. We also learn a lot from the process. We may be the expert in the room, but each client’s needs and environments are different. Keeping current and challenged is fun for us and it makes us more relevant for the next client.

Why You May Need a Deeper Engagement
Our first step is consulting with a potential client is typically to ask for more detail on their environment and how it relates to the needs they believe they have.

Some general questions we ask them are:
What are the formats you’re working in today?
What are the camera formats you shoot in and the edit formats you edit in?
What are the deliverable formats?
Where do you deliver?

In scenarios where we don’t get clear answers or we ask different individuals within the same organization and get differing answers, it will come to light that a deeper engagement will be helpful.

We form a partnership with the client where we say let’s sit down and go over your entire infrastructure and your workflow and figure out what you need today and what fits in your budget. Then we’ll make a plan to phase in other items.

Sometimes an existing client is ready to take things to the next level. They’ve invested in storage and archives and now they’re ready to move forward and become more organized within that environment.

In either scenario, we’ll create a deliverable that walks the client through every step of their environment as well as provides our recommendations.

How It Works
The best way for us to truly help our customers is to understand how they work. And the best way to do that is to immerse ourselves in their environment.
We meet with stakeholders to determine their goals, their ROI and what their definition of success is.
We’ll talk to everyone from department heads to administrators to identify challenges and goals and what it is they do day-to-day.
Then we’ll join our client’s team for a few days. We’ll watch them plan their next shoot, we’ll study their workflow, we’ll actively assist in tasks to help us really learn their business, etc.

Why It’s Worth It
Our consultation process helps us judge for ourselves what level of asset management clients need. In turn, the client walks away with the information they need to justify a purchase to stakeholders.

A paid consultation will result in a detailed document that explains the various offerings and carefully defines each option. There will be a review of every step of the client’s environment, from workflows to formats, and, finally, our recommendations for moving forward. Clients will have a better understanding of the offerings, they will have their questions answered and they’ll have a document in hand that outlines the next clear step forward.

Interested in meeting with us? Reach out at prosales@chesa.com or call 410-752-7729.