Adobe Generative AI Webinar

Discover the future of creativity with Adobe’s generative AI tools. Meet Dave Helmly and Morgan Prygrocki, the brains behind Adobe’s groundbreaking technology. Generative AI isn’t just another trend; it’s a game-changer that goes beyond recognition.

Introducing Adobe Firefly, the culmination of 40 years of AI development. It’s your creative companion, simplifying your workflow and helping you achieve your vision faster. From text-to-image to generative fill, Firefly offers endless possibilities, all within a user-friendly interface.

But here’s the best part: AI isn’t replacing you; it’s enhancing your abilities. Your value as a creator is growing. Think of generative AI as your new paintbrush, making your work more efficient.

Whether you’re a pro or just starting, generative AI is your creativity partner. Ask your tools how to achieve your vision, and watch remarkable results. Experience the future of media production with Adobe Firefly today. Your creative journey begins now.

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Our Approach

At CHESA, we help our clients achieve success by designing, developing, and deploying robust, modern systems for their organizations. We do that by listening to our clients, understanding the challenges they face, and then proposing the right solutions. We take the time to talk our customers through the solutions, educating them on the merits of different approaches.

Technology Design, Installation & Support

From capture through delivery, CHESA designs, builds, integrates, and supports media workflow solutions with industry-leading technologies to create highly-efficient systems that achieve our clients’ business objectives.

Media Asset Management

MAM has become an essential component for many facilities – touching every part of a project lifecycle from pre- and post-production to transcode, QC, distribution, remote proxy editing, and beyond.

Acquire & INGEST

Myriad factors come into play when designing an ingest workflow – such as live elements, Web conference sources, capture devices, transcoding, QC analysis, media orchestration, and active archive.


Storage has come a long way from the days of a simple, on-prem repository for your media. Still factors are bandwidth, scalability, features and remote capabilities.


From video editing, visual effects, animation and motion graphics to photography, audio editing, color-grading, and finishing, we have your app bases covered.


Whether it’s the creation of mezzanine files for editorial, crunching down rough cuts for review and approve, or QC of final deliverables – transcode is there, keeping your team moving forward.


More than anything, archiving is a process – not a one-time item you check off your to-do list. Not enriching and repurposing that archive, using your creations to their fullest potential, is a real dilemma.

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