In an Ever-Changing Environment, Service is Key

By Jason Paquin

Remember when you were a child and your teacher was trying to teach you the concept of infinity? It seemed pretty crazy to think that there was no end to numbers – that you could count forever and there was simply no boundary.

The same can be said, in a way, about our work at Chesapeake Systems. When it comes to helping our clients develop workflows and utilize the latest and most efficient technology to store and access large quantities of media, there really is no end to what you can do and how you can apply the technology.

There is always a new idea to try, a new software in which to invest, a new way to deliver content more efficiently.

And that’s invigorating for our staff at Chesapeake. It’s fun for us to consult with clients and help them get to that next level. We’re constantly challenged and, as a result, we’re constantly helping them grow their return on investment.

As we take this journey with clients, service remains a central focus.

From the very make up of our team (we have a dedicated customer care advocate, for example) to the way we handle project management, customer service is at the core of our approach as we work to help our clients grow and stay relevant.

So what does our approach to service look like?

We loosely base our approach on the well-known ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) standard, which helps align IT services with the needs of a business.

Our approach is typically divided into four areas:
1. The make up of our team
2. How we track incidents
3. Focusing on continuity and change management
4. Providing 24/7 on-call support and Project Management

Having the right team in place is essential. In addition to our customer care advocate who has a background in ITIL and works with dozens of clients, we also have on staff a tenured engineer who handles our internal research and development. By taking this proactive approach, we ensure we can accommodate our clients’ needs so they can stay up and running.

At Chesapeake, we carefully track, monitor and analyze incidents. We immediately jump on the case to ensure service is restored to clients as quickly as possible and they can continue to deliver their content. If we see a repetition of incidents among customers or with the same customer, we’ll assign a higher level parent case in our system to one of our expert-level engineers. Our goal is to analyze the bandaids so, eventually, we never have to make those types of repairs again.

When it comes to continuity and change management, it’s not just a matter of being reactive, but being proactive as well. With our Maintenance and Support Agreement, we conduct onsite proactive walkthroughs to make sure things are going well. Our goal is for our customers to experience no downtime or hiccups. As a service provider, we also conduct remote checks, monitoring logs and performance. By applying our expertise, we can help clients reduce the risk of a disaster.

Whenever we do incorporate a change for clients, we always follow through. We make sure the client understands the change and can adopt it.

The reason we take such a detailed approach to customer service is because every day, we work to become better. We strive to change our clients’ environments for the better.

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