David Garland joins Chesapeake Systems as Director of Business Development

By Jessica Mantheiy

Software. Digital Media. IT Architecture. Digital Workflow. Project management.

These are just some of the areas of expertise David Garland brings to his new position as Director of Business Development for Chesapeake Systems.

A senior IT executive who has worked for organizations such as Bertelsmann, A&E Television Network and FTI Consulting, David brings a wealth of media and technology experience to his position, which became effective Sept. 19.

In this business development role, Chesapeake Systems was seeking someone with an entrepreneurial spirit, and David has a proven track record in this area. In addition to co-inventing patents for several multimedia and content distribution systems, David cofounded his own consulting business, Digital Dawn, LLC,  in 2009 focusing on media and entertainment clients.

David’s expertise and connections will be invaluable to Chesapeake Systems as we work to grow and strengthen our industry presence as experts in producing shared storage, media management and workflow automation systems for numerous industries.

David will be working primarily out of New York, one of the largest media production hubs in the U.S.

“I think Chesa has done an amazing job with growing slowly and carefully and putting together a culture that allows them to scale,” David said. “I’m excited to work for a company that gets the job done and does it well.”

He said he enjoys both the consulting aspect and the “people side” of the business.

“The Internet has disrupted the media enormously and it’s created all sorts of opportunities and also all sorts of pitfalls for companies, and helping to navigate them through that is really fun,” he said.

A husband and father, David enjoys a variety of interests such as jogging, bicycling, playing the guitar, making wine and brewing beer. He also enjoys cultivating his love of languages, trying his hand at Spanish, French and German in addition to English.

As we continue to grow our company, we are very much looking to David to leverage his networking skills and proficiency in media and technology to highlight the value of working with the experts at Chesapeake Systems.