Streamline your workflow, optimize your time.

Media Asset Management (MAM) is an intelligent way to control your digital assets and your workflow. It offers benefits with both immediate and longer-term payoffs—all of which are tied to three basic functions: locate, collaborate, and automate. MAM systems let computers do the work so you can do your job.


Why is media asset management important?

  • Makes it easy to find and share your assets
  • It’s the front end of your archive system
  • Enables the automation of mundane tasks

Simplifying and enhancing the workflow process.

At Chesapeake Systems, we like to point out to our clients that the satisfaction of a newly installed asset management system is like your first night on a new mattress after years of backache: Why did we wait so long? The better your oversight of what you’ve created, and the easier you can access it, the more options you’ll have for monetizing your assets in the future. Chesapeake Systems is already doing this for many of our data-intensive clients whose ability to find, selectively use, and efficiently re-purpose data has been critical to their success.