Manage content confidently, not just barely.

Whether you’re a major media broadcaster, run the media for a college sports team or operate a small production house, you’re generating a lot of content.

There are many moving parts associated with the ingesting of this content – from metatags and files (so many files!) to hardware/software systems to storage and archives.

The experts at Chesapeake Systems are masters at designing, defining and deploying systems that incorporate everything from how you bring content in to your facility to how you safely back up and archive it.


Meaningfully storing and transferring your data is an important part of the workflow process. From manipulating your content at the best possible quality level to developing a superior filing system to providing vendor-offered tools that let you begin editing while you’re in the field, Chesapeake Systems can set your organization up for success.

Some of the processes we look at are:

  • Data transfer
  • Formatting
  • Tagging
  • Cataloging/organizing

Your organization likely has a flood of files coming in. They need to be placed in a storage system or series of storage systems that will safely protect them. Each file must be cataloged into the overall management system database where you’re carefully tagging content so it can be easily searched for. Chesapeake Systems understands every step of the process, from the moment you create that file to the point of delivery. Our expert team can help refine and enhance your workflow, changing the way you work.