We can help you reach your audience.

In today’s society, on-demand content and streaming have become necessities for consumers. People consume high quality content across a variety of platforms, when and where they want. Managing the distribution of your digital assets across servers and Content Delivery Networks (CDN) certainly presents challenges. Chesapeake Systems is able to help by designing systems that automate delivery and wrap content in the most efficient packages.


As people actively consume data, they have a now-universal expectation that whatever the device, they’ll have access to the same pool of content, which they can slice and dice and use more or less any way they choose. Being able to package your digital assets in high quality formats and publish them across any channel is essential for media publishers.

Important features for distribution include:

  • Data optimized to fit any medium
  • High quality content
  • Appropriate metadata
  • Properly formatted content
  • Scalability for your media

Improve your communication

When it comes to video content, companies are wise to take advantage. As you leverage your digital content to reach more consumers, you will be able to enrich your brand and better target information. Whether your strategy is simple (distribution through a Web server) or more complex (using a Content Delivery Network for streaming on demand), in-house broadcast can dramatically improve your communications both with internal and external audiences. Chesapeake can create a scalable system that is appropriate for your media and marketing plans as well as your budget. You’ll have greater control over the timing and delivery of your communications, and you can reach undiscovered markets with authentic messages tailored to specific needs.