What makes a good archive?

Your archive is the most important warehouse for your assets. As video capture moves more and more toward recording on cards that you use over and over again, you have to find a way to create a useful library for your digital assets. It’s important to note that storage is not the same thing as archiving.


What makes a good archive?

More than anything, archiving is a processes. It’s not a one-time item you check off your to-do list, but rather a process that must be repeated and that changes over time. No media lasts forever, which means your organization must take the steps to preserve your content in multiple formats across multiple locations. You need to ensure your content is secure in the event of a variety of scenarios.

Qualities of a good archive:

Keeps the primary copy of your data secure (not vulnerable to hard-drive or RAID failure, or local catastrophes)
The data is preserved in a format you can access and use whenever you need it
The archive is scalable and “future-proof,” ensuring you can continue to read data even as mediums and technologies change
The archive is organized and managed consistent with protocols best suited to your workflow

Digital preservation.

High quality archiving provides peace of mind. Preserving your content in its original format, ensuring easy access to your growing library of material and ensuring it continues to be usable, is essential. Everything from metadata to the integrity of content to the software you use to archive your content will play a role. Our team of experts at Chesapeake Systems is ready to help you set up the most appropriate, scalable system for your media.