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#24 A Conversation with Gary Watson of Imation/Nexsan

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Gary WatsonIn this episode Nick Gold and new co-host Jason Whetstone talk with Gary Watson, the co-founder and CTO of Nexsan — now with the added title of Imation Fellow as ┬áNexsan was acquired by Imation in 2013.

Gary is one of those brilliant technical people who also possesses the gift to communicate eloquently, enthusiastically and informatively with any audience. Listen to this conversation, and you will learn why we at Chesapeake are such fans of Nexsan storage solutions.

The topics discussed range from Nexsan’s history, philosophy and reputation for “minding the details” to the technical highlights of the popular E-series storage, the new NST series and Assureon, the company’s spinning drive-based archive solution.

While certainly utilizing SSDs in Nexsan products, Gary also shares with us his candid thoughts about that particular technology and why he believes spinning drives have a very bright future indeed.

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Show Notes



ATAbeast review from 2004

SATAbeast review from 2007

E-Series overview

active cooling

SAS, Near Line SAS and SATA overview

good article on how flash works

MLC flash memory


Single-Level Cell flash vs. MLC flash

core memory

ATTO Thunderlink devices

NVM Express

unified hybrid storage (Nexsan NST series)



thin provisioning


article on how NBC’s Olympic team uses Nexsan NST storage



press release on Imation’s acquisition of Nexsan in 2013