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#23 MAM Project Planning & Integration

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This episode of The Workflow Show is a recording of the opening panel discussion at our MAM Project Planning and Integration Symposium held in New York City on June 24, 2014.

The panel was moderated by Nick Gold, Director of Business Development, Chesapeake Systems; Greg Shiff, Director of Technical Sales at Levels Beyond (the creators of Reach Engine), John Fico, Solutions Architect with Axispoint; and Mike Szumlinski, CEO of Professional Video Technology (US distributor of Cantemo Portal)

The event “got granular” regarding MAM topics such as best practices for communicating with partners and dealing with challenges that come with “deep integration,” including issues like how to properly scope out a project — and assessing what possibilities exist for customization and integration with third-party platforms.
We thank our partners at Cantemo Portal, Levels Beyond and Axispoint for their participation, and we thank our good friends at Nexsan, who
 graciously provided financial sponsorship for this event. Nexsan’s E-Series RAIDs and NST-Series file servers offer exceptional performance, density and value for SAN, NAS and hybrid environments.


Show Notes


object storage

REST-capable storage

watch folder


There was a consensus among the panelists that there were 3 types of metadata. Below is Nick’s summary of that:

  • intrinsic: (e.g. frame rate, day of recording, etc.)
  • qualitative: human tagged (e.g. was this a good or bad take)
  • process-oriented: (drives/triggers of subsequent workflows)  


Again, thank you to our symposium participants

Cantemo Portal

 Reach Engine


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