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The Workflow Show #111 "CES Insights with Patrick Roanhouse"

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Patrick Roanhouse

In this episode of The Workflow Show, Nick and Merrel interview tech journalist Patrick Roanhouse (left), of Plan8 Media, who shares his “take-aways” from his tour of the recent 2013 CES (Consumer Electronics Show) held in Las Vegas.



The Workflow Show

Episode length: 53:57

Show Notes:

definition of 4K television

Sony news about downloadable

Alexa 4K camera? Here’s our article about Arri’s Alexa from last fall – (They have now announced their own 4K camera)
More ProRes 4444 background info:
RepRap – open source 3D printer
E3 Expo (by Entertainment Software Association)
Aereo television service.
View Patrick’s many articles and video reports at Plan8 Media  You can also follow him on Twitter
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