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#9 “In the Year 2525 . . .”

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Everyone in the media field today looks around and wonders, “What’s in store for me down the road?”

With the hit song from 1969 “In the Year 2525,” blaring throughout our office space for inspiration while planning this episode of The Workflow Show, co-hosts Nick Gold and Merrel Davis decided to limit their predictions to what the realm of video production and post digital workflows will be like in 2020. (With the way the IT & media-related fields are changing, looking out eight years is challenging enough!)

And at the end, they pass along some advice to the wise: stay current with the tech, and be nimble.

episode length: 45:50

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Show Notes:

PlayStation 9 ad for PS2

The definition of RAW files

split screen gaming redefined


FPS = first-person shooter

Light field camera

GoPro camera

NPR story on civilian drones

Minority Report

skeuomorph definition

Adobe Anywhere

AVID Interplay Sphere – check out our AVID One-on-One Demos

PostWorks in NYC

Instagram app

ARRI Alexa and RED

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One response to “#9 “In the Year 2525 . . .”

  1. 1) I’m not sure how to find this page from your website by navigation. I had to search google to find a blog, then use your website search engine to search for 109 to find this entry.

    2) As to the content of the show and the future of 3D, you said that gaming lends itself very well to 3D. That’s true in theory, but even with my nVidia 3d vision setup, since I’m only seeing every other frame in each eye, and the glasses have a tint to them, it’s just plain too dark to be enjoyable. Is there any solution to this aspect of the 3D problem do you think?

    Thanks for the great show. Best new podcast of 2012 in my opinion!