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#7 “Storage SANity”

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The Workflow ShowStorage Area Networks (SANs) are essential to make multi-workstation video post-production facilities work smoothly. In this episode, Nick Gold and Merrel Davis  explain in detail all the elements that go into creating a well-functioning SAN environment. After listening, you too will be well-versed in this critical realm within digital workflows.

The length of this episode is 1:12:32.  We find that many folks like listening to our podcasts while commuting.

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Show Notes:
SAN (storage area network)

DAS (direct attached storage)

NAS (network attached storage)

SAS (serial attached SCSI)

Gigabit ethernet

10-gigabit ethernet

file server
RAID redundacy
File-sharing protocols

Jumbo frames

SCS (Small Computer System Interface)

Fibre Channel  
Host Bus Adapter (HBA)
file-locking and volume-locking SANs
metadata controller
Xsan and StorNext

NAS vs SAN comparison

Oh, and to set the record straight regarding Merrel & Nick’s discussion about PBS’ The Newshour former hosts — Yes, Jim Lehrer has retired from the show and contrary to what was implied, Robin MacNeil is alive and well working on variety of projects.

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