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#5 “Just the facts, MAM”

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The Workflow ShowIf time = money in your post-production environment, then in today’s digital workflow arena, you need to incorporate MAM, Media Asset Management.

Nick Gold and Merrel Davis explain all the intricacies of MAM, including cousins DAM (Digital Asset Management) and PAM (Production Asset Management).

MAM is not just another technical add-on. It also requires a culture shift within your whole post-production operations. But the productivity gains — aka “keeping editing fun” is well worth the investment.

At the end of this podcast, you’ll have a firm understanding of this burgeoning, impactful technology and know what next steps to take. 



Merrel Davis   Nick Gold

Show hosts: Merrel Davis and Nick Gold (click on photos for further background on these guys)

Episode length: 1:10:34

Show Notes

* definition of Taxonomy

* MAM (Media Asset Management)
* DAM (Digital Asset Management)
* PAM (Production Asset Management)
* Read our eNewsletter about our exhibiting at DAM NY 2012, a show that is sponsored by Henry Stewart Events in the UK. In that same eNewsletter, read about the automated post-production project manager software, FocalPoint Server; and the dialogue search software, Nexidia. Chesapeake Systems is a re-seller for both products.
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