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The Workflow Show #102 “The NLE Wars”

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When Final Cut Pro X was introduced, and Apple dropped sales of FCP 7, there was a lot of resentment within the professional video post-production world. “What gives?” was the common cry.

And more importantly, “What are we supposed to do now?” was the next banner.

We know this is a life and death question for many of our customers.

Merrel Davis and Nick Gold of our Pro Services Sales Team explore the “NLE (non-linear editing) Wars” in depth, put it all in perspective, and then provide detailed analyses of the options you have today.  (length 54:45)


Merrel Davis          Nick Gold

Merrel Davis                                                   Nick Gold

UPDATE: Hmmm, does the release of FCP X 10.0.6 “thicken the plot”? Read more.

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