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#30 Do You Have Permission?

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The Workflow Show is back for its fourth season! After a brief hiatus, hosts Nick Gold and Jason Whetstone continue talking about important aspects of the video production technologies industry, but make sure you ask yourself, “Do you have permission?”

Have you ever run into an issue where you are trying to edit a project and whatever you try to do to access the files you need on the storage volume, it just isn’t cooperating? Most likely, your headaches are being caused by file system permissions!

File system permissions are how we assign access rights to files, folders, and applications for specific users and groups of users. They control the ability of the users to view or make changes to the contents of the file system. Permissions play a major role in being able to support editors using shared storage. If you don’t have permission to a file or folder on the storage volume, what do you do then?

After listening to this episode, you will begin to appreciate that having permission is a pretty good thing, and you might even begin to understand how to untangle the intricate web file of system permissions!

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