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#29 A Conversation with Richard Harrington

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Richard HarringtonMedia Guru, Workflow Evangelist, Multi-tasking Entrepreneur, Prolific Tech Author and Spokesperson — these are just some of the desciptors associated with Richard Harrington. In this episdoe of The Workflow Show, Nick Gold and Jason Whetstone conduct an in-depth interview with Rich to get his insights on the state of the fast-changing media field today — and what one needs to do to survive within it.

Indeed, few know the answer to navigating today’s media universe better than Rich, who among other diverse activities, is CEO of his visual communications company, RHED Pixel; publisher of the online periodical, Photofocus; teacher of courses on; author of numerous books for both print and digital distribution; globetrotting consultant; and on-site teacher and speaker at some of the world’s largest media gatherings.

As Nick asks Rich in podcast, “Do you sleep?”

Rich is not shy with his opinions that are forged from his extensive experience, but he presents them with professional eloquence, intellect and passion. There is definitely an optimistic tone to Rich’s outlook for those of us who work in the media profession. Yet he stresses that we must radically change our approaches to production, skillsets and business plans in order to succeed. Want to know the details of those changes? Listen to this most engaging conversation.

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