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#28 Marquis Builds Video Workflow Bridges with Daniel Faulkner, Business Development Manager for Marquis Broadcast

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The Workflow ShowThere was a time when it made sense for a video facility to obtain its NLE, storage, archive, MAM and other sundry post-production workflow solutions from a single manufacturer.  That made for easy integration.

But today, with more sophisticated, flexible API’s and other advanced integration solutions available, post-production teams can have the luxury of choosing “best of breed” for each task along the post-production worklfow.

Well, almost.

In truth, we’re not fully there yet. And it’s a company like Marquis Broadcast that specializes in building bridges to address unique frustrating gaps in post-production workflows.

In this episode of The Workflow Show, we talk with Daniel Faulkner, Business Development Manager for Marquis Broadcast, about some of their leading products: Project Parking, Medway, Bridging and Sequence Parking.Daniel Faulkner

There is an emphasis at Marquis in offering products that work within the “walled garden” of the Avid ecosystem.

While there has been movement within the Avid universe to integrate more esily with other NLE platforms and storage, as Daniel says, “They really aren’t fully there yet. One needs to understand that as creators of the original NLE, they had to pretty much invent their own ecosystem, and that’s a tradition that’s difficult to break.” Some might argue that is a liability for Avid these days, but regardless, Avid edit systems continue to be very popular in the New York and Hollywood post-production communities. So tools, such as the ones offered by Marquis, that can help manage and move Avid media and projects both within and to/from non-Avid environments, can be very valuable indeed.

Marquis’ products address specific workflow pain points faced by editors and media managers. For example, Project Parking can locate all the media associated with a particular project, understand which projects are taking up the most space, identify duplicate and “orphaned” files, and copy complete Avid projects — all the bins, sequences and media files — and move them to any other storage or new locations.

Marquis does offer applications that are non-Avid specific, or “agnostic” if you’d like. One such product is Medway, which is a sophisticated software toolkit which integrates broadcast platforms by providing transfer and format conversion workflows for media and metadata.

In this episode, Daniel, Nick and Jason discuss the above product offerings from Marquis, and more, in depth. Take a listen to see if these products might offer solutions for some of the pain points within your particular video workflow. 

If you wish to discuss your particular video workflow situation with one of our consultants, email us or call 410.752-7739.

Here are two brief videos about Project Parking that we recorded with Daniel at NAB 2014


Unity ISIS
Sequence Parking