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#26 Talking Collaboration and MAM with Kai Pradel of MediaSilo

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Kai Pradel, Founder and CEO of MediaSilo has always been excited about the intersection of IT and media, and in 2009, as the notion of software as a service (SaaS) in the cloud was in its infancy, he started Boston-based MediaSilo.

And then things really took off. To give you an idea, in the beginning, the company processed about 1,000 hours of footage a month. Today that figure is 30,000.

But just what is MediaSilo? “It is a cloud-based media asset management and collaboration solution,” says Kai.

As with a chain, a video post-production workflow is only as efficient as its weakest link. And an important link, perhaps over-looked initially by some production teams, is the ease of getting video assets from one location to another, to have them easily searchable, and to facilitate collaboration between users and stakeholders.

Consider a common challenging situation, that of getting a number of producers and client reps to review footage from an interview. Now conceivably, that could be handled by posting a video file of the interview on Dropbox or Vimeo and then have the viewers download the file and email their thoughts to each other. But what if it we were talking about 20 interviews? At some point Dropbox and Vimeo get overwhelmed. Professional videomakers need something more robust and integrated, and that’s where MediaSilo comes in. 

Listen to this episode and learn how MediaSilo might be just the solution your video workflow needs.

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