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#25 Quantum’s Alex Grossman and Skip Levens

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The Workflow ShowCo-hosts Nick Gold and Jason Whetstone begin the third season of our popular audio podcast series with an in-depth, wide-ranging conversation with Quantum’s Alex Grossman and Skip Levens. Alex is the VP of Media and Entertainment at the company and Skip is Director, Technical Marketing.

In this episode, we get a good feel for Alex and Skip’s driving passion, that they have carried with them since their early days at Apple: to make storage — as it becomes ever more complicated on one hand — more flexible and seamless to today’s video end-users. 


While delving into a bit a geek-dom along the way (which we’re not afraid to do here on The Workflow Show), any listener, regardless of his or her tech savviness, will appreciate the explanations Alex and Skip provide about Quantum’s StorNext 5, StorageManager and Lattus object storage — the latter being an almost sci-fi game-changer for the industry. The conversation also covers specific offerings within the bundle of StorNext Pro Solutions including StorNext Pro WorkGroup, which was recognized with a Best of Show award at IBC 2014.

Also announced at the expo was StorNext Connect, which is a new enhancement that allows for monitoring performance across the whole storage environment via one “pane of glass” if you will. StorageConnect will start appearing within StorNext Pro Solutions around December, and Alex and Skip also suggested that we stay tuned for soon-to-come manifestations of company-wide efforts to make certain products more affordable while still maintaining the functionality and reliability we’ve come to expect from Quantum.

Yes, you may be glad that storage is, in the end, just an icon on your desktop, but gaining a bit of understanding about what’s under the hood certainly will prove advantageous as you consider storage solutions down the road. Listening to this episode will be 84-minutes well spent.

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SHOW NOTES (mainly, items requiring a bit more background to what was mentioned in the show)


Oculus Rift headset

Media 100


Active Storage







SAN Fusion

StorNext 5



StorNext 5 “affinities”

API’s – Application Programming Interface


StorNext Pro Workgroup