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#22 “Examining the success and future of CatDV” with CEO Dave Clack

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The Workflow ShowCatDV was one of the pioneer platforms in the Media Asset Management space, and today it is one of the most deployed MAM solutions in the world. Nick and Merrel had a chance to sit down with CEO Dave Clack to talk about the plaftorm’s success and what Dave and his team see for the future of MAM.

Date of program recording: March 4, 2014

Length: 1:02:11

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Show Notes

Dave Clack shares the latest news about CatDV with us at NAB 2014:


CatDV website

Rolf Howarth, Founder & CTO 

Dalet Digital Media Systems
Telestream Episode

CatDV Review and Approval

CatDV Review app
CatDV Review & Approval via Rich Client and Web Client
Oculus Rift virtual reality headset
Quantum StorNext 5 file system and Storage Manager
ASG – Digital Archive

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