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#21 “Exploring digital video management and workflow automation” with Danny Gold of Reach Engine

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The Workflow Show

In thisĀ episode of The Workflow Show, Nick and Merrel talk at length with Danny Gold, one of the co-founders of Levels Beyond, the company behind the all-encompassing digital media management and workflow automation platform, Reach Engine.

The conversation covers how this Denver-based company has grown today to work with some of the largest media entities on the planet.

Danny also explains why they have always be wary of having Reach Engine labelled simply “a MAM platform.” As a matter of fact, here is a soundbite from a brief interview we did with Danny on that topic at last year’s NAB.


The conversation also includes Danny’s insights into the future, where he sees analytics really coming to the fore.

Length of podcast episode: 01:05:12

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Show Notes

PAM = Production Asset Management

DAM = Digital Asset Management

MAM = Media Asset Management

service-oriented architecture
enterprise service bus
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