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#19 “Beyond Metadata: The Role of Audio and Video Search”

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The Workflow ShowWe recently conducted another of our small group “think tank” digital video workflow symposia in New York City at Quantum’s offices in Lower Manhattan.

We spend a lot of time at Chesapeake Systems talking with our clients about metadata. It’s defintely an extraordinary tool in the world of digital video workflows, but there are some emerging technologies that are allowing us to have an additional set of tools.

Highlighted at this symposium were two search applications that we at Chesapeake are very impressed with, Nexidia and NerVve.

Nexidia is a phonetic search application that can scan a library of literally thousands of hours of footage in seconds. And NerVve is an application that works similarly with video imagery search. Both applications present easy-to-use interfaces, and the results typically “blow-away” first-time users.

What role do these applications play in advanced video workflows? Do they threaten or complement metadata-driven media asset management systems? These are questions addressed by our panel of experts:

Chris Lacinak, Founder and President, AudioVisual Preservation Solutions

Drew Lanham, SVP/GM, Nexidia

Thomas Slowe, CEO, NerVve Technologies

Nick Gold (panel moderator), Director of Business Development, Chesapeake Systems

Beyond Metadata panelists
Chris Lacinak, Tom Slowe, Nick Gold, Drew Lanham

If you are interested in seeing a demo of the Nexidia or NerVve applications, either in person or via web, email Nick Gold or call him at 410.400.8932.

Episode length:  37:34

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Again, special thanks to our friends at Quantum for their assistance in facilitating the presentation of this symposium.

Show Notes:

DAM = Digital Asset Management
MAM = Media Asset Management
PAM = Production Asset Management (Avid, for example, is one entity that makes the distinction between MAM and PAM)

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