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#18 “An In-depth Conversation with Dave Helmly of Adobe”

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Dave HelmlyDave Helmly of Adobe joins us for this episode of The Workflow Show. Dave is universally recognized as “THE Go-To guy” at Adobe for all things Pro Video and Imaging. And in this episode, he talks at length with co-hosts Nick Gold and Merrel Davis about Adobe’s new Creative Cloud and Adobe Anywhere paradigms.

Any questions you may have about Adobe’s new models will likley be cleared up in this conversation. And of course, if not, we at Chesapeake Systems are a Creative  Cloud for Teams reseller and are available to answer any further queries you may have.

Regardless of your decision to procure Creative Cloud, Adobe Anywhere, you will want to be informed about these new ventures from Adobe since they are truly game-changers within the media industry, and truth-be-told, it’s likely that all media-related software and collaboration will move this way.

The guys close out the episode discussing their outlooks for the new Mac Pro.

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Show Notes

Length of episode: 1:19:06
Recorded on Sept. 9, 2013


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